It’s a question of morals

Gosh morals, that sounds a bit serious already ! But I got to thinking about morality and business, morality and branding. Does it really matter if the business you do is ethical ? does it matter if the programmes you watch on TV have a moral outlook / does it matter if your brand is honest ?

Well, I dont want to get all on my high horse about it, but I think the answer is yes. And I don’t think it is about being ‘holier than thou’ I think it is about decency. Nobody wants to get ripped off do they ? We all hate people who over sell to us, or tell us lies and promise one thing then deliver another.

That is why morals matter. People want to know where they are with someone and whether or not they are acting honestly. Are you coming from a solid consistent position, is fair dealing  part of your story ?  Then you can shout about it. You can talk about it in your  marketing amd make it part of your brand.

Two great examples ;

!.  Fairtrade, the logo, the movement , the whole package.

2. John Lewis. A department store that promises to match all  others on price yet treats it’s staff as ‘partners.’ Fair dealing is an integral part of it’s brand and people trust it.


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