Best person not always right for the job.

I was really stuck by a piece in the London Evening Standard a couple of days ago which suggested that employers should not hire the person most suited for the job.

Sounds a bit controversial but the argument made sense. The perfect CV isn’t always the perfect employee. If the candidate can already do the job or is even doing it somewhere else, are they going to go the extra mile for you ? What have they got to strive for, how are they going to grow in the role ?

So often these days when jobs are hard to find, I hear of excellent candidates who don’t even get an interview because their skills are not the perfect mix. I know why it happens. Employers are faced with hundreds of applications for one post and they make a strict decision to cut out everyone who fails to fit all the criteria they are looking for.

But I think employers need to show more imagination. The waste of ability out there at the moment is shocking. Women alone are an enormous pool of talent who don’t always get picked up because of time out of the workplace and an irrational fear from employers.

I say, take a chance, look at a wide range of people, let the candidates speak for themselves.  Who wants to hire a CV ?



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