Finding your way in the new media jungle.

New media. Jungle. Finding your way.

That’s what we are all doing right ? So I am not alone.

I wanted to take this trip because I felt that somehow I was missing out. Twitter is never out of the news and if you don’t blog it seems you don’t exist. I was also interested in seeing how the new and especially social media could be used by business for PR and branding purposes. Is this just the latest fad or are we witnessing a totally new way of doing things ?

I think this is a question that organisations are still asking themselves. Many highly successful and established businesses just don’t see the point. One guy said to me ‘I  don’t see how it will win us any new business.’

Well I want to find out. I used to be a journalsit for the BBC so I will apply my skills to sniff out the truth. I don’t actually have anything to sell except myself in the new media world, but since self-branding is one of the hot topics that interest me then that will be my start.

So I have my blog and my twitter account and I plan to get out there and see what I can make happen.

Follow me on my journey !

Lucy x


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