It’s a mans world….?

Is Twitter a man’s world ? Is it all macho swagger from early adopters tweeting  about technology ?

It is remarkably hard to find reliable statistics on this question. Many commentators have asserted that Twitter is dominated by men by as much as 60% to 40%, but the Harvard Business Publishing study which is most often quoted has women beating men, with women users at 55% and men at 45%.

What is apparent  is that women are more picky, while men like to have a big following. The stat that might cause concern is that women are more likely to follow men than other women. Is that because men are perceived as knowing what they are talking about in general or just when it comes to new technology ? Does it have implications for companies trying to get their message out via Twitter ? I don’t think we know enough yet about the way the sexes use Twitter. After all the top 10% of  tweeters account for 90% of all traffic so it’s hard to base conclusions on the active minority.

In my experience it is not a world in which women feel shouldered out. If you want to follow someone talking stats and that’s not your thing, then  don’t follow them ! There is enough variety for everyone. You create your own micro world. Sometimes I come across chat on a trending topic that makes me feel uncomfortable. People might be swearing and being incredibly negative and I think ‘I don’t like this’, but that just reminds you that there are thousands of parallel universes out there and you obviously follow people in the world in which you feel comfortable. It actually does you good to dip your toe into other worlds occasionally otherwise you start thinking that everyone is as much into personal branding and new media trends  as you are !

If you want to follow women in particular there are lists out there, although they are mainly American e.g. or

Here in the UK PM’s wife Sarah Brown is the obvious big hitter.. going for a million followers.  @SarahBrown10


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