Great PR it really works.

I must tell you this great story ! It will confirm/revive your belief in the importance of top quality PR.

It involves the BBC but I’ll keep names out of it.

Some time ago a senior BBC manager got a scathing complaint from one of his users. In blunt language the gentleman told the manager exactly what he thought of him and his service. Nobody likes to get complaints, they’re boring to deal with and bruising when they’re directed at you.

But this particular manager is a shrewd character and he decided to deal with the guy straight away and in the most generous manner. He would invite the complainer down to London to have a go and see if he could do the job any better.

Brilliant. The guy came down to London and had a marvellous time. Not a word of complaint was ever heard again, in fact he became our manager’s biggest fan. Great PR has turned an enemy into an ally.

And what an ally. Several years later our manager’s salary appeared in almost every national newspaper, listed along with many others together with a good bit of editorial about overinflated salaries and wastes of space.

But who leaps to his defence ? Only the former ‘guest editor’ and reformed Mr Angry. He writes a letter of glowing praise to the BBC in which he claims that our manager is ‘worth the licence fee all on his own’.

Now that isĀ  how to win friends and influence people !

I am full of admiration.

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