When Twitter feels like cyber-stalking

You’ve got a Twitter account and you’ve read all the blogs about expressing your personal brand, you even have a healthy following but what do you do now ?

Well, there comes a point in every Twitter journey when quantity has got to be sacrificed to quality.  At the start you may have decided to follow a whole bunch of people because they followed you, but now their random thoughts are clogging up your  Twitter stream and you can’t see the quality for the trash. It’s time to take action.

If you want to make intelligent connections with people who can help you then you need to track them down and follow them.

Blimey ! go back and read that sentence again. It sounds like a cyber-stalkers charter. I am English and the whole idea of using people in such a calculated way makes us feel very uncomfortable. Am I really going to find someone who I admire and then be-friend them ?  Send them messages and post stuff on their blog in the hope that they notice me ?

It sounds blatant but I think the Twitterverse can handle it. Those less reserved than ourselves have shown that it can work. There is something about social media that makes it OK to seek out those connections and most people are delighted to be of help. If someone sees you as a mentor  and looks to you for your expertise and help that’s flattering, right ?

So track down the people who can help and make a start on building trust. Don’t over do it though,  the spectre of the Cyber-stalker is out there !

If you disagree with my thoughts do let me know or simply post your comments, I’d really love to hear from you .



One response to “When Twitter feels like cyber-stalking

  1. I agree. The main issue with Twitter like all social media platforms is to use them as a medium to conduct a conversation with people you’re interested in.
    As a result a lot of people follow me but, quite often, I will not follow them because they are based in the US, clearly have no interest in me, and are just seeking followers.
    As with all things it’s quality not quantity – a group of just 10 followers can teach you more than 100.

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