My best Christmas present ever.

I’m veering off topic wildly today as not only is it Friday but it really is getting near Christmas.  I know it’s not that near in a man’s world but if I leave this post until December 24th then it really will be too late for this to work, sorry guys.

Because what I am about to tell you is the secret of  success, how to get her the best present ever, the one that she will remember for years to come, the one that lets you be the hero of your own Christmas.  Ready ?

You have to get her what she wants.

Don’t groan. It’s not a trick, it’s sound advice. You will know what she wants because she will tell you.  All you have to do is ;

  • Listen. She will mention what she wants several times in the run up to Christmas, perhaps wistfully in passing or with increasing urgency, but I guarantee she will mention it.
  • Look. Women often leaves clues and hints about the place. Is there a brochure open on the kitchen counter at a certain page or a  catalogue with the corner turned down and a BIG circle drawn around an item ? That could be the clue you are looking for.

If this fails then you need to start crowd sourcing. Your workplace is really good for this, especially if a lot of your co-workers are female. What do they want for Christmas ? What shops and brands really tick the box for them. I have received some really rather nice gifts via the hot brand method .

Want to know what they are ?

  • Tiffany
  • Jo Malone
  • Clarins
  • Godiva Chocolate
  • Smythson stationery

I also love most of the cashmere clothing and nightwear at The White Company  but one year my husband decided to buy me a sheet from their finest Egyptian cotton range and I can only say, nice idea, but guys, if you want to be a hero, don’t buy her sheets for Christmas.


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  1. Stunning – kinda fantastic theme. I will write about it likewise!!

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