My Terrific Top Ten 2009

If you love a list, now is your chance to get your fill as we move into Review of the Year mode.

This year I am taking part in a group blogging project run by Daniel at Daily Blog Tips so I hope you will check out some of the other lists that look back at all aspects of 2009.

Mine is very personal as I am going to look at the things that made a big impact on me as I made my way through the last twelve months.

  1. Spotify. How did we ever live without it ? Spotify came into my life early in the year and transformed my music listening. For the first six months I compulsively created playlists of every forgotten teenage track that I no longer own. Then I started on all the albums I should have bought, before hitting new music and other people’s playlists. Spotify is now the sound track to my life. Brilliant !
  2. Twitter. What’s yours for ? Those 140 characters are the gateway to endless possibility which I explore with great enthusiasm in my …..
  3. Blog. Like Twitter, blogs are ultimately about people and I have come across so many interesting communicators who are willing to share their knowledge and insights. There is a generosity at the heart of the blog movement that I find very encouraging.
  4. Chris Brogan. All round social media god.
  5. Radcliffe and Maconie. The availability of Internet radio means I make no apology for including these British radio presenter who have a nightly show on BBC Radio 2.  They talk with wit and knowledge about a huge range of music from early punk to folk to northern soul. They never patronise the audience and always tell me something I didn’t know.
  6. Lady Gaga. My love for that hat-wearing hyper head-case is total. She may be pop but she’s also extremely clever and very subversive. In a world where personal branding is everything, she has taken hers and pushed it to the point of insanity. Hooded leotard anyone, hat that covers your face so you can’t see where you are going ? But don’t be fooled, she’s a trained musician and writes and plays her own stuff.
  7. One Day a novel by David Nicholls. The best thing I read all year. Not a masterpiece of literature but wonderfully affecting, with a sweet, witty, intelligent heroine and a charming waster for a hero. I fell in love with them both and then I wept.
  8. Rock Choir. 2009 was the year I joined my first ever choir. I loved the challenge of learning to harmonize, the huge sound we made when we got it right and the excuse to do jazz hands in public.
  9. Scrabble on Facebook. I have always hated Scrabble so imagine my surprise when I got hooked on the e-version ! I love the fact that you can post a running commentary while you play.
  10. X Factor. I tried to leave it out honestly but it has been such a huge part of my life for the past month because I have been watching it with my two daughters. Each week we sit down and chat about disappointment, what it means to lose, why having an iron grip on the music industry is really really bad……………… get my drift ! it’s the final this weekend and we are going to have coke and crisps and just go wild !

Happy Christmas and have a great New Year,



One response to “My Terrific Top Ten 2009

  1. amen to number 10 – a weekend is far from complete if you don’t finish it feeling soiled by disappointment and self loathing. Mind you, once Jedward left to experience became slightly less futile – which concerned me

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