Jargon to make you smile.

We were talking last time about jargon and the way it clutters up your writing, getting in the way of the message. But sometimes jargon is just very very funny.

I have to confess a weakness for daft language, although you do have to be careful. People might just take you seriously. Here’s my top ten :

  1. Multi-slacking. Multi-skilling and multi- tasking’s lazy brother.
  2. Wet signature. Strangely off-putting way of referring to a hand fashioned signature.
  3. Strategic staircase. A plan for the future as opposed to some  fortuitously placed steps.
  4. Alpha geek. Head of tech support.
  5. Blame Storm. Trying to work out who’s going to get it.
  6. Power Loser. The person chosen in number 5.
  7. Idea hamster. Person least likely to be fired in a blame storm due to their constant stream of ideas.
  8. Long pole item. Pivotal, like the pole in an old-fashioned tent.
  9. Glasgow salad. Chips (one for UK readers I think.)
  10. Going postal. Losing it big style.

Once again many thanks to  www.rhymer.net and http://www.johnsmurf.com of MBA Jargonwatch  for some of their ideas.


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