Do you make this twitter mistake ?

When I log onto Twitter I spend most of my time clicking through to articles and blogs suggested by people in my stream. It’s a great way to access content that I might not spot and has the added bonus of a personal recommendation.

Or does it ?

I am worried about the trend towards automating links. I understand why people do it. You have a business to run and actual real live clients to see, but when I click on a link I like to think it is because you said it was good.

Twitter for me is about building authentic relationships, whether that is a business connection or a new friendship or something in between. I think   you risk forfeiting authenticity if you’re not across what you are passing on and for me, well I just feel cheated if I’m not getting the real deal.

We need to earn a position of trust in the Twitter community by consistently passing on stuff which is interesting useful or funny and then sticking around to talk about it.

I know automated tweeting is a hotly debated topic so please tell me what you think, especially if you disagree !


One response to “Do you make this twitter mistake ?

  1. I love Twitter for work and finding out news quickly, but what I really don’t like is that the point of it is to build and start conversations. If you are pumping out endless tweets to followers that don’t even have a personal message with them people are quickly bored and unfollow, I know I do!

    Another pet hate is just retweeting particularly within the world of social media, I would say the majority of social people know who Mashable are and are following them directly. So what the need to retweet their tweets? Strikes me as laziness and a laissez faire attitude that quantity is better than quality.

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