Let’s hear it for radio.

I woke up this morning to a piece on the radio about the surprisingly healthy state of British theatre. It seems our desire to be told stories has helped recession- proof the industry.

As I was pondering the whole idea of story-telling and why we seem to need it I had to stop and give my attention to the radio again. Fi Glover was interviewing Mark Radcliffe, one of my favourite broadcasters. I love his contempt for all that is fake, fashionable and ‘glamorous’.

Next I came downstairs to make breakfast and was stopped short again by a totally random interview with Elton John. Danny Baker was doing a great job. They talked about his school days and working in a record shop and I was gripped by the story about how Elton came to write for the Scissor Sisters, even his views on Simon Cowell were interesting !

Then it struck me, and I hope you are with me by now. Radio really is the perfect medium for story-telling.

Radio is my first love and was my first career but I think we all forget it sometimes. It rarely comes up in serious discussion about revolution in the media and was often overlooked when I worked at the BBC.

So let’s hear it for radio and in particular, the way it touches the part of us that needs a  story.


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