If Twitter is punk, BBC news is Abba.

Are we so in love with being our own authors that we’re over-looking good  content ?

This is a question that has started to bug me. It all began when one of my posts  http://wp.me/pHqcg-J got a much higher hit rate than usual. It was called Who needs journalists when we’ve got Twitter ? In it I argued that if the news was big enough then it would come to you and more besides, including interesting bits of fresh news that mainstream news-gatherers didn’t have.

This still holds true but I am concerned that we are so  busy trying to ‘stick it to the man’  that brilliant sites aren’t getting their due.

It’s like punk hitting the music scene and demolishing the monsters of rock. Suddenly everyone is doing it for themselves and it’s fresh and democratic and wild. But along the way, back in the 70s, music of lasting worth was overlooked, like, and don’t laugh, Abba.

I think BBC news is the Abba of news websites. Just because we are all in the garage bashing out our own stuff doesn’t mean the well staffed, well resourced, unbiased monster of news isn’t getting it right and delivering fine content.

So let’s welcome the BBC’s new social media editor @AlexGubbay who starts his job today.


One response to “If Twitter is punk, BBC news is Abba.

  1. And of course remembering that most of the punk movement had little, or no, musical talent in the first place and based most of their attraction on sensationalism, this analogy rings true…..

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