Self-help without the cheese ?

I deleted a post from my in-box in anger yesterday.

It was someone elses blog and I was annoyed because I thought it was self- help and cheesy.

But as I wracked my tired brains for fresh ideas I was struck by a vivid image from this blog. It was a horse-riding analogy and exhorted us to have gentle hands and a strong seat in the saddle.

Indeed. There is no point in tugging on an idea and forcing it to work, you have to relax and let it happen naturally. (Can any disco fans name the lyric ‘Don’t push it don’t force it let it happen naturally. It will surely happen if it was meant to be ?)

But there it was again, SELF HELP, sticking it’s nose in un-invited. Did I say I wanted to write about self-help ?

Well let’s look at it then as it refuses to go away. Is there anything intrinsically wrong with Self Help ? It certainly seems to play well in blogs and on Twitter. So much that is written is advice on how to realise our potential/ dreams/ earning power and I will click on that, I know I do.

I just don’t like the cheese, the guy with the teeth telling me I can make a million by telling other saps like me how to make a million and so on down the hall of mirrors. He can keep his snake oil to himself. But there is a market for self-help that appeals to the cynics who want their help with a dose of ‘keep it real.’

Now I haven’t read it, but I think my friend Scott Solder has written such a book. It is called You Need This Book To Get What You Want and it’s already sold out on Amazon.

This may well be how we Brits like our help, shared out  in a slightly self-deprecating way.

We want help, we are happy to listen but we don’t want the cheese.


2 responses to “Self-help without the cheese ?

  1. Hey – thanks Lucy. Scott here – the one you’re talking about. Yep- my book is certainly cheese-free. Common sense – yes, but absolutely NO SCHMALZ! Cheers for pointing it out.

    Scott x

  2. I don’t think it’s about the brits – we Yanks have the same issues. I think it’s a systemic issue where everyone wants something outside of themselves to blame for not being what they want to be. I know I’m definitely there… and I’ll probably look in to tools eventually to help me achieve my goals… but I also realize I need to find a motivation from inside of myself to drive change.

    We’ll see how it goes.

    @Scott – congrats on getting sold out! You have another run planned?

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