Someone is stealing my stuff.

Someone is stealing my stuff and I’m not too pleased about it.

It’s not like they broke into my house and took my computer but just the same theft is theft isn’t it ?

Here’s what happened. I was browsing on Google to check out how my blog was doing and I came across a post I did a few weeks ago. It was on a site dedicated to dogs. Now I did mention the Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan in a post about Malcom Gladwell’s new book, but it certainly wasn’t a post about dogs and I should imagine anyone coming across it while browsing for a little light canine reading would be very disappointed.

So why is someone scraping up all the blogs which mention dogs in some random way and putting them on a website ?

To make money of course. Money out of my and other people’s words.

I sound naive don’t I? People make money out of any tiny niche going. It’s the way of the world. I do know this. I know this because I have seen people selling courses on how to make a pitch at a networking event which exists to try to help people meet other people who might know people who might buy their stuff.

But selling ads round a load of dog blogs which in my case isn’t even a dog blog ? Come on.

The wise thinkers of the internet say we need to let go of our intellectual property. We should have the confidence to put our ideas out there. Post up your writing, your music, your business ideas all for free and then reap the rewards …er they always lose me when it comes to where we get the rewards from. Malcom Gladwell did a brilliant review of Chris Anderson’s book Free, the Future of a Radical Price in the New Yorker taking down a lot of this argument.

They argue that ‘Information wants to be free’. But does that mean free to be plagiarised or sold on as something else ?

Getting exposure for your ideas is seen as the holy grail, so if  dog loving eyeballs rest on my blog shouldn’t I perhaps be grateful ?

Well I love it when my blog comes up in directories and search engines just as much as you do but I’m not yet so much of a media tart that I want my stuff out there at any cost and what’s more the people searching for relevant content are being short-changed.

To that end I promise to look at the way I tag my posts to check they are relevant.

One response to “Someone is stealing my stuff.

  1. It really is quite a lamentable situation. I guess the flip side is, of course, the murdoch route of paid content. Did you, at the very least, get a linkback?

    I’ve never looked into it, but often see sites with a ‘creative content/commons license’ – I’m not sure how much teeth it has though. As you’re a writer it might be worth investigating?

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