Twitter stars, who is your guilty celebrity follow ?

“What do you do on that Twitter then? Isn’t it for following celebrities?” You get that a lot when you talk to people about Twitter.

I have to admit that the first person I ever followed was Stephen Fry. As he is the foremost British Twitter celebrity I felt that it was only right. Shortly after, he stopped tweeting, which I am trying not take personally.

Twitter is obviously not all about stalking celebrities because that would be sad. It is about making connections with people. People you would like to work with, people you can learn from or people you just want to stay in touch with.

But I think celebrities do have a role to play in the Twittersphere. They brighten up the place.

My daughter has me follow Tinchy Stryder. If you are not familiar with Mr Stryder’s work then he is responsible for the hits ‘Number 1’ and ‘You’re Not Alone’. He is also I believe a small man, hence the name but I have never met him.

He tweets things like; “I aint breaking down nomore of my f64 either that was da last 1… watch, enjoy and open ur mind lol… Flee gang, Black Clouds and all dat!”

Which obviously I would find inspirational if I understood it.

Then there is Cheryl Cole and her entourage. She seems to have 19 Twitter accounts one of which has 58 thousand followers. But I am assured by her record company that she only tweets via the  @welovepop account. What is that all about?

By the way my favourite fake Cheryl account tweets in a Geordie accent. Hilarious!

@CherylKerl “Went oot faw dinnah last neet an Ash had Buffaleu wings startah, Ah didden even kna tha buffaleus can flay leik man, amazin!”

(Spell check in meltdown.)

As well as the fake celebrity accounts there is also the phenomenon of the reluctant celebrity.

Beyonce has half a million followers but has never posted a single word.

JK Rowling has over a hundred thousand followers and has squeezed out three tweets. She is quite honest though and says she is not going to tweet regularly she just wants to stop people doing it in fake accounts on her behalf. Fair dos.

So if the big glittering stars won’t tell us their every waking thought we are left to follow the ‘B’ list who seem quite happy to share.

My husband follows Colleen Rooney and much pleasure it gives him. We often smile warmly when we hear that Colleen has managed a lie in or has had fruit for breakfast. Quite charming.

But don’t be fooled, I know what husband is there for. He’s waiting for the John Terry style break up so he can scoop the story.

What about you? Do you have a guilty celebrity-follow that you would like to share?


4 responses to “Twitter stars, who is your guilty celebrity follow ?

  1. I love to follow John Mayer – his tweets are hysterical. Tina Fey has great tweets too, but doesn’t tweet very often. Of course I don’t have the right kind of cell phone (mine is archaic – I can barely text on it!) so I only check Twitter about once a day – twice at best so I’m a terrible tweeter myself. Great post – I love the bit about Tinchy Stryder – very funny! (Just what in the hell WAS he saying!?)

  2. I too follow Steven Fry and the aforementioned Simon Mayo, a true hero who managed to broadcast on two national radio stations at the same time last night (appearing regularly on three at the moment). He even replied to one of mine once. Fame at last! I also follow Jonathan Agnew for up-to-the-minute cricket gossip. He gives the impression that he needs followers when he mentions Twitter on TMS.

  3. @Charlene We should all follow someone funny. It really does brighten things up a bit. I might try John Meyer though he doesn’t have much of a UK profile apart from being the one who was horrible to Jennifer Aniston, if I have the right guy.

    @ickledot The Simon Mayo as hero thing is growing apace. Everyone from Jane Garvey to my kids’ school friends parents are lamenting his loss from Five LIve.
    As for Twitter on TMS, what is the world coming to ? It should be about cake !

  4. Well I did follow Vernon Kay until yesterday! But my favourite celebrity at the moment has to be Dannii Minogue as she sends out tweets and replies all the time.

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