10 News Stories You Couldn’t Make Up

The new quiz show “The Bubble” is based on the You Couldn’t Make It Up school of journalism.

Celebrity comedians and commentator types are denied access to all media for three days before being brought to the studio and quizzed on the weeks’ news. Can they tell the difference between real news and stories that are just plain made up?

Will it highlight in a hilarious satirical fashion just how far fetched the news agenda has become or has it always been this way?

With this in mind I have scraped together 10 real life news stories that you just couldn’t make up:

1. October 2009 TV networks in the US broadcast live footage of a run away balloon feared to contain a six-year-old boy. The parents later admit it’s a hoax linked to their plans to land their own reality television show.

2. July 2008 serial celebrity mum Angelina Jolie has twins taking the total to six.

3. Anti-corruption officials in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu find a way to stop airport workers taking bribes. They issue them with pocketless trousers.

4. A man in Sudan is forced to marry a goat after being caught behaving inappropriately with it. Despite  first being reported in 2006 this story quite literally refuses to go away and is viewed regularly on the BBC news website.

5. A Welsh language road sign goes up in Swansea without being checked over by a Welsh speaker. It reads, “I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated”.

6. Labour MP David Wright becomes embroiled in “Tweetgate” after appearing to describe the Tory Party as “scum-sucking pigs”. He suggests the tweet was doctored by someone hacking into his account and apologises.

7. There are reports from Newsham, North Yorkshire that a pheasant is terrorizing a village – trapping people in their homes and attacking residents in the street. The vicious bird is said to have launched several unprovoked attacks on men, women, children, prams, bikes, dogs and cars. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/n…treet.html

8. It is reported that a school pupil who wrote only the ‘f’ word on an exam paper is awarded points for trying.

9. BBC presenter Ray Gosling is questioned by police over a TV confession that he killed his former lover by smothering him.

10. It is whispered that government departments have been squabbling over who has the right to promote the idea that choirs are good for your health.

Do you have any news stories you “Couldn’t Make Up ?”


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