Lady Gaga London 02 Find your tribe.

“We’re all plastic but we still have fun !”

I’ve always wanted to quote those Gaga lines in a blog but now it seems the uber plastic Barbie of pop has gone beyond that; way beyond.

Lady Gaga sold out two huge shows at the 02 Arena in London this weekend and came of age as the leader of a huge tribe of misfits. I was proud to be one of them.

As she reminded us, it was only a year ago that she was the support act at the same venue for the Pussycat Dolls, who look like a bunch of sub pornographic wannabe dancers next to her now.

23-year-old Stephani Germanotta has a huge voice and the musical talent to write her own songs which are mainly super-charged catchy pop.

Her real skill lies in the creation of brand Gaga. Try to dissect it and you get caught up in a bizarre world of paraplegic starlets, psycho blondes in psychiatric units and blood.

But basically it’s about standing up for all the misfits, the awkward teens, the kids who don’t fit in and the people who feel like outsiders. In my experience that’s most of us ! Clever.

Incidentally that’s the premise behind the highly successful High School drama Glee as well.

It’s all about finding your tribe  isn’t it ?

Gaga spent quite a lot of time talking to her tribe, telling us that she understands us and that she loves us because we understand her back. It’s not degree level philosophy but it  cuts to the heart of the tribal nature of music and the desire to belong, however geeky you feel. She told us people thought she was weird at school.

“I wonder what they’re thinking now ?”

Her faux starlet delivery hides the iron fist of  her ambition. It may call to mind Madonna but Gaga has taken over that particular asylum now and is running amok with the electrodes. Welcome to the Monster Ball.


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