How To Get Things Done.

Getting started is the hardest thing you will have to do. But start you must.

When I worked in radio we used to show up in the morning to a blank piece of paper and three hours of speech radio to invent.

If you think that the average interview or prepared report lasts for three minutes you can see the scale of the task we faced. Like Holly Hunter in Broadcast News, I’m surprised we didn’t start each day by having a good cry.

I think on many occasions those programmes made it to air through sheer force of will.

I rarely feel so overwhelmed these days because I have learned that once you make a start, most tasks do get done.

Here are some more great tips to Get Things Done.

  • Make a plan. Forward planning, when not a form of procrastination can be invaluable. If you have a set of articles to write, divide them up into subject areas and give them rough titles. It will help when you sit down to write them for real.
  • Prioritize. What is going to take the longest time to achieve ? There is no point writing your interview questions when you haven’t even put calls in to potential guests ! Is there a pivotal task in your project that has to be achieved before anything else can be done ?
  • Set internal deadlines. When you’re putting together a radio show you have a finite amount of time to experiment. Bold plans have to be down sized as your on air time approaches. To avoid being left with gaping holes in your project, set a cut off point. If your elaborate ideas aren’t working out, switch over in good time to something that will.
  • Be persistent. Don’t be afraid to put in a call and then call back. Look for the information you need but if you can’t find it, try something else. Look online, ask on Twitter, phone a friend ? Don’t get held up needlessly. Don’t sit there waiting for the call back, find another way and get the task done.
  • Know when you have done your best. Work at your peak, put the effort in and then leave it alone.

When you’re done you will be rewarded by the sheer pleasure/relief of having achieved your goal. Enjoy that feeling. Now turn round and do it all over again.


3 responses to “How To Get Things Done.

  1. it was what I needed to read Today. thank you very, very much.

  2. ah! I forgot, i’m sorry: happy woman’s day : )

  3. @Josi. I am glad to have been of some help !

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