5 Tips On Doing Your Own PR

Marketing  and PR professionals who know their stuff are worth their weight in gold.

But there will be times when it’s down to you to do some of the work yourself. Publishers, for example, will only go so far to push your book, they have other clients to help, but you could go much further !

 Whether it’s a book or a service or simply you that you’re promoting,  here are some tips that might help.

  1. Who do you know ? Trawl your contacts for people in radio, TV, newspapers and magazines who might be interested in doing something with you.
  2. Give them a story. No one in the media will give you air time for a shameless plug but they like stories and they love great talkers. Your self-help book might tie in beautifully with New Year’s resolutions in January. Your well-being book might translate as a story on how to spring-clean your body and mind. If the budget is coming up then are you just the tax expert the local paper has been looking for to make intelligent comment ?
  3. Write a press release which really sells it to them. Tell them your story and provide all the contact details they need. Make it easy for them. If you are selling yourself rather than promoting a product then this still applies. Think of your LinkedIn profile or your dating website profile as your press release and make it as dynamic and interesting as possible.
  4. Think beyond the same old. How about web magazines and online forums? Lots of places let you promote your services free online. Take a look at Creative Boom and Business Women’s Cafe. You write an ‘article’ or blog post about yourself, your story or your service; then  at the end you give your sales pitch and contact links. What’s not to like ?
  5. Use Social Media. Create a Facebook fan page, build a network of followers on Twitter, add value to LinkedIn forums. Ask your mate with a blog to interview you. Guest blog on other people’s sites. Get known, liked and trusted and then you can get your message out.
  6. Any more ideas to add to the mix ?

One response to “5 Tips On Doing Your Own PR

  1. Great article Lucy. I hadn’t come across Creative Boom or Business Women’s Cafe. I have taken a look at both. I am now going to attempt to Twitter about your blog.


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