Customer Service tips (1)

We all know how important Customer Service is.  People obsess about it.

But it’s not difficult to understand.

Treat your customers well and they will come back.

But customer service can fall out of the mix when we’re stressed and over-stretched.

Don’t let it happen !

Here’s one example of what happens when you let your e-mail response time slip:

Mother e-mails dance teacher to say she’s worried about her daughter’s up-coming dance festival.

She gets no response.

She fusses and frets and tries to track down a phone number but all to no avail. Her opinion of someone who was previously a great teacher plummets.

A friend asks her if she would recommend the dance teacher. She would have said yes, now she says no.

Contrast this, with the mother who e-mails her daughter’s swim teacher.

He responds within a day and adds, “Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time. It really is no trouble.”

She had felt anxious, now she is re-assured and feels as though her needs have been met. She would not hesitate to recommend this teacher.

In fact she brings up the incident in conversation and becomes an advocate for the club and how good they are.

If you find these bite-sized tips useful, I’ll bring you some more !


One response to “Customer Service tips (1)

  1. Very good points made here, that are so easily overlooked. It is so important to remind us of these…

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