Do You Remember The First Time ?

Do you remember the day you signed up to Twitter ? Do you recall how that first Tweet felt ?

Working with a group of social media “students” the other day, I was reminded how much courage it takes to get going. These ladies were all comfortable networkers, happy to meet new people and to make their pitch, but for many, when it came time to make the first tweet, they were frozen.

Well it turns out they are in good company. Using a website which allows you to look back on the first Tweets of any user I discovered that many first tweets were boring, banal or just ‘try hard’. Here are some of them.

Stephen Fry said;

Director just dropped a bombshell I have to ride a mule tomorrow.

followed by some pretty heavy swearing which is now frowned upon on Twitter.

Social Media guru Chris Brogan predictably made his Twitter debut by passing on a link.

Another SM luminary Jon Morrow said;

God this is the last thing you needed-an entire community of people in denial about their ADD

PM’s wife Sarah Brown said;

G20 spouses at the Royal Opera House to see music and dance from young performers.

None of them are earth-shattering and many first tweets were @ someone, which shows a touching lack of courage to strike out alone (but at least acknowledges that it’s supposed to be a “conversation”.)

I guess before I go any further I have to show my own hand here. This was my first tweet;

Is listening in without twittering back dangerously perverted ?

I was worried about intruding on people, while at the same time feeling  uncomfortable about lurking on the sidelines. The whole thing felt like a peep show crossed with a stalkers charter, as an early blog here shows.

But I hope people new to Twitter will realise early on that the more they get involved, the less wierd it feels. Once you accept that everyone is in the same boat and that no-one thinks badly of you for talking to them, then you can make progress.

At first you’re paralyzed with fear because you think people are listening. Then you’re more afraid that they’re not !

There’s only one way forward. Just do it.

(If you’re an old hand, what did you say first time out ?)


One response to “Do You Remember The First Time ?

  1. Hi Lucy, I can’t remember what I did my first time out, but I work with people who agonize over the first step of anything.

    You say heavy swearing is frowned on now. As a non-heavy-swearer, how did this come about? I’ve been using twitter daily for a few months, and I wasn’t aware. Maybe that’s because I still see so much heavy swearing out there:)

    Great post. You’re a wonderful writer!

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