Charisma Marketing

I’ve been to see Tim Burton’s film, “Alice in Wonderland”. It was tremendous, so dark and intelligent and charismatic.

That’s the seller here, charisma.

Without that special kind of charm, it might have been bleak and a bit scary.

But charisma can sell us anything and it is usually attached to people. In this instance it’s Johnny Depp, who as the Mad Hatter, just exudes it, despite having orange hair and false eyes.

As we inch towards a General Election I was struck by how few of today’s politicians have it and maybe that’s why the whole thing seems so sterile and uninspiring.

On the Today programme last week, I heard clips of former politicians Neil Kinnock and Michael Heseltine, who seemed to have it in spades. I can’t understand why I missed that at the time.

Truly charismatic people have a presence which is tangible, you can feel it when they enter a room; it even comes across on radio. They say JFK had it and Bill Clinton too, Obama for sure, but I’m struggling to find it in this election.

You can attend classes in charisma, but I don’t believe it can be taught. It is a natural gift and therefore authentic. People love authenticity. It persuades them to vote, or to buy things.

I buy Lady Gaga CDs and concert tickets because she has squillions of it.

So if you find any, make good use of it. Promote your cause, gather your tribe or sell your stuff, just don’t let it go to waste.


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