Is Image Everything ?

The British election leadership debate was going to be all about image.

In the end, I believe, it was how the three leaders interacted that counted most.

Image is a tricky business. We are tempted to make snap decisions on things like clothing and facial expression, but that rarely tells the full story.

As with leadership debates, so it goes with Twitter and other social media.

If you make a snap decision on someone’s photo you may be deceived.

I was recently followed by a picture of a granny. “How nice” I thought, “to be followed by an elderly lady using social media.” My warm thoughts chilled when I realised she was a front for Shreddies.

The cereal brand is currently running a Facebook competition to find a new “granny”. I  tweeted about it because I’m unhappy that it’s encouraging my young children to want Facebook accounts, which they are clearly too young for.

On this occasion image was deceptive.

What of  the lady who looks like a “good time girl” but tweets intelligently about world events. Should she be blocked because she looks like a spammer ?

While every one of us needs to take care when choosing photos to represent ourselves in the online world, maybe we should also be aware of the dangers of snap decisions made on image alone.

Perhaps, like the three leaders, it is how we interact that really counts ?


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