Ash Cloud Leaves Us Up In The Air

I am struck by how few people in my Twitter stream are talking about the dramatic ash cloud that has grounded all flights over Europe.

I guess it’s because I follow so many US commentators, bloggers and marketers and they are just not that interested. If US aviation went down  it would be a different story but I’m not complaining; if your life is not touched directly then it is easy not to care.

I live in an area popular with pilots and crew because it is commuting distance to Heathrow and I have heard many stories.

There is the business man stuck in New York who was asked to pay £12,000 for the last ticket back to Europe (first class). He declined and missed his daughter’s birthday party.

There are the families stranded on holiday with kids due to take exams soon; a new school term starts this week. As someone said on the radio, it’s only a holiday if you choose it, to be held against your will is something closer to imprisonment.

While many pilots and crew are living it up in top hotels as they are forced to lay over for yet another night, there is the stranded stewardess who is due to get married this weekend.

Can we complain? We live in a globalised society and think nothing of travelling far from home on business and pleasure; but when the music stops on the global merry-go-round, we find ourselves trapped in all four corners of  the world.

I sometimes try to imagine how life would be without the technology we take for granted.

Well today those empty skies mean we no longer have to imagine.


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