How To Reach Your Tipping Point

The Tipping Point is;

“The level at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable”  Malcom Gladwell.

It’s a fascinating concept, outlined by the popular sociologist Malcom Gladwell, in his book of the same name.

It’s the point when suddenly things seem to be going right.

Nick Clegg may be on the brink of one at the moment. People have begun to see his Liberal Democrat Party as a viable alternative in the British elections and the more the press talk him up, the more momentum he gathers.

We can learn from this when trying to reach our own breakthrough; whether it’s building a new social group, business network or getting a new venture off the ground.

When you first start to make connections with people, you might represent it as a map with lots of isolated dots spread all over the place.

The more people you meet, the busier the map becomes.

Then slowly, the dots start to link up as the first inter-connections appear. After a lot of work or time or both, the map looks more like a web.

This is the basis of any network and you can use social media to speed up the process.

With all these connections in place you can begin to move to your Tipping Point. B might introduce you to D who might know F who turns out to be a potential client. Or for the working mothers amongst us, C might know Z who not only goes to the same drama class as your child but can give them a lift; result!

According to Malcom Gladwell there are some other crucial factors.

You need key individuals, Connectors, who are brilliant at bringing people and ideas together. These people are naturals at what they do. If you know one or two you are lucky; befriend them!

He also talks about information specialists or ‘mavens’ and charismatic persuaders. These types also help to move ideas and networks along to the point where they tip over into mass appeal -they go viral.

I love Gladwell’s theory because it gives a rational explanation to a phenomenon which sometimes seems like luck or karma.

For anyone with a goal to achieve the lesson is; build and build and build. There’s no use getting disheartened after ten blog posts or an initial marketing splurge.

You really do have to keep at it, until eventually, the dots start to join up.


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