If You Can’t Sell Records Sell Shades

I like to keep up with emerging business models and it’s fascinating to see how some areas are coping with change; not least of all in the music business, where the losing battle against free downloads is throwing up all sorts of new ideas.

I was reading today how Taio Cruz, the British musician and producer has started his own designer label “because you can’t download a t-shirt for free.”

Not content with flogging his own clothing and shades, he markets them through the music he writes for other people.  His label Rokstarr gets a name-check on the new Cheryl Cole single and is also the name of his album.

It reminds me of the American producer Red One, who gets the artists he works with to sing his name at the start of their hit songs, listen out next time you hear “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga.

The hit TV programme Glee sells tracks by featuring them in the show and manages to hit the jackpot by shifting both the cover version, as sung by the cast and the originals as well. Look out for the all Madonna ‘Glee’ in June.

Circumstances are forcing the music industry to innovate.

What are you doing to stay afloat in times of change?


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