The Importance of Online Social Capital in a LinkedIn World

People have always loved to buy things which symbolise their status; cars, houses, designer clothes.

But consumer trends tell us that increasingly, it is our online status which tells people about who we are.

In the online world our social capital has become transparent.

You no longer have to drop names to let peers know how well-connected you are, they can see for themselves by checking you out on LinkedIn or by looking up your followers on Twitter.

It’s not just who you know that marks you out as a player, but what you know as well.

You will be judged on the quality of your tweeted information and how useful your contribution to forums and online groups are.

Those of us looking for status need to bear this in mind.

It really strengthens the argument for having a well written blog which you can use to spread your expertise and attract top-notch comments from industry peers.

We won’t necessarily be judged on the number of followers we have, that is after all a mugs game, but we will be judged on who we are talking to and what we are saying.

Flowing from this comes a new kind of offering; exclusive, paid-for access to content and influencers.  The Third Tribe allows you to mix online with social media stars behind the velvet pay rope and the Financial Times has a selection of executive forums where key players can talk to each other without being pestered by the hoi polloi (us).

What do you think? Are your Friends and Followers Lists as important as the Jag in the company car park?


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