Marketing:How To Win Clients Stylishly

Sometimes you have to let your clients discover you. Or your product.

Obviously with a nudge in the right direction, otherwise you could be waiting a long time; but sometimes allowing people to discover things for themselves can lead to a stronger bond.

Take, for example, Simply Travel, as they were ten years ago, when they were still a small boutique outfit (now owned by the giant travel firm Tui.)

“Simply”  specialised in finding unique holiday villas off the beaten track. They might take you to the Greek Islands, but it would be an island you had never heard of  and you could rely on them to keep you away from the crowds and the stuffed donkeys.

But what they did best of all, was to allow you to think that somehow you had discovered these wonderful locations for yourself. The kudos was yours when you told people about that charming remote fishing village, as yet untouched by the ravages of tourism.

Could this work in the sphere of social media?

Clients may respond better if they think they have discovered you for themselves. This is a good reason  not to bombard people with Twitter messages and offers to join you on LinkedIn.

Instead, why not talk to the people they talk to, contribute to discussions and forums where they hang out and let them become aware of you slowly.

It’s the kind of stylish, seamless networking that allows people to come together, to work, to collaborate and to buy.

So much better than the hard sell, no?


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