Blogging;The Smartest Cost-free Move To Get You On The Map

I don’t write often about the nuts and bolts of blogging.

Perhaps because a blog about blogs is a hall of mirrors too far!

Or maybe it’s because I have a blog column at the excellent online magazine Creative Boom where I encourage people to blog for business and to promote their work. Do check it out.

Suffice to say, I think having a blog is one of the smartest, cost-free things you can do to get yourself on the map. Not only are you giving yourself the chance to spread your message and your expertise, but you are telling the world that you know how to walk the walk of new media marketing.

Twitter followers are all very well but you need to do something with them.

By linking through to your blog on Twitter and LinkedIn, you are giving  people more than just the headlines about you and what you do.

For example,I can use my blog to tell you about some of the things I have been busy with this year, like teaching small business owners how to use social media to promote themselves. I could also use it to offer you the chance to work with me one on one on getting started with social media or I could offer to talk at your event on my career with BBC radio.

I would certainly advise you to try to pass on something useful in your blog, because if the reader doesn’t gain, then there is little incentive to return.

So my best advice is simply to give it a go.


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