Networking: The Only Thing You Can’t Outsource

If you need extra help to boost your business, you can hire experts to do almost anything.

Blog advisors and social media experts will happily run a check over your marketing efforts, suggest blog posts, check your site traffic and target your Search Engine Optimisation. Writers like me will even create a series of articles you can use or help you talk to the right people on Twitter.

What we can’t do is meet and network with these valuable real-life contacts on your behalf.

I have a friend, a talented PA, who had a successful career in the United States. She would dearly love to find her ideal boss. Her dream scenario is to work from home as a “virtual PA”.

I am definitely going to point her towards  LinkedIn as a great place to get her message out, but it occurred to me that what she really needs to do is meet and talk to as many people as possible who can help her find her man or woman.

Women who want to return to work are often held back by the idea that they only ever meet other mums.

Actually a lot of those mums are already carving out new careers for themselves and have valuable contacts. Most have working partners who  spend their day in the business environment.

So my friend needs to take the opportunity at parties, dinners and social occasion to let people know that she’s looking and with a little judicious use of social media, she could find the boss she’s looking for.


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