Mad About The Boy

Did anyone see the Boy George bio drama on TV?

It took me back to all that electro music and big hair. It was right in the middle of what I think of as “my” era.

I wasn’t a Blitz kid or a New Romantic but I did have elements of the hair and clothes. The way we wore blusher owed as much to Boy George as it did to Dallas for sure!

It seems strange to think that the teenage Boy George and his cohorts felt so odd and different. To us, they were trend-setters who went on to shape the music and the fashion of the  80s.

It made me wonder about the way tribes work. True genius is often completely “out there”; edgy, difficult and awkward.

But at some point the bizarre and the odd becomes mainstream and we all get to have a crack at it.

Are you a leader waiting for your idea to find its time?

You’d be surprised what catches on when the time is right. Pioneers are very much required.

After all they said Twitter was only for teenagers and now look at it!


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