Good customer service gives Blockbuster the edge

Our local Blockbuster is in a slightly dodgy part of town. I hate leaving the dog tied up outside because I worry she’ll be dog-napped.

But we keep going back there.

Why, you say?

Well, we tried Love Film for a while, you know, the on-line rental by post people, and it was fun to have a regular supply of movies, but it took the spontaneity out of it. As soon as you’re told you have to watch In Bruges, it loses some of its charm.

Video rental stores are having an uncertain time of it;

  • Rapid technological change means the industry’s direction is difficult to predict.
  • DVDs are likely to be phased out soon as Blue Ray and HD DVD fight it out.
  • Online rental-by-post market has expanded massively and is set to continue.

So given the poor economic climate, I really do want to support my local rental store.

But the true reason we keep going back, is the guy behind the counter. He is like a character in a Kevin Smith movie (did you ever see Clerks?)

He’s a slacker dude with a ponytail and a passionate love for film. Oh and people. He loves people. He must do, because he is so nice to everyone.

He helps with film suggestions, he gives you a sneaky extra night on your rental, and he charms the parents and goofs around with the kids. He also sells you really cheap chocolate.

I read today that automated DVD rental machines could save the ailing video rental business by cutting out staff costs entirely.

Now why would you want to do that?

If they got rid of the Blockbuster guy I’d go back to Love Film in a flash and finally get myself out of that dodgy part of town.

Thanks to for some of the information in this blog.


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