Marketing and PR:A Great Example Of Fresh Thinking

An event where people aren’t selling or networking. What fun!

Last week I went to a book swap in Windsor. It was a fantastic innovative event that was part theatre and part night-down-the-pub.

Don’t get me wrong, books were sold as well as swapped. I’m sure some networking went on too as there were lots of interesting people there.

The thing I loved was how refreshingly different it was. There were no business cards, just the chance to talk to a theatre full of people about a book that you had brought, in the hope that someone else would like to swap with you.

In between these public swaps we ate cake and listened to a very casual interview session with the two guest authors who sat in comfy sofas at the front and chatted about their work. There may even have been a kettle on the go at one point, but I stuck to wine which we brought in from the bar.

Scott Pack @firebookswap, who organized the event is a Windsor resident and Harper Collins publishing man. Did he start the Windsor Fire-station book swap to sell more books? I don’t know. He was certainly generous with his work slush pile which we rootled through at the end.

If you’re in the book business, connecting with book lovers and encouraging them to discover new books, is clearly a good idea. Leaving people feeling that they have experienced something innovative and really rather excellent is even better.

Could your marketing do with this kind of lift?


3 responses to “Marketing and PR:A Great Example Of Fresh Thinking

  1. That sounds like my kind of fun event – shame I didn’t know about it in time! Other alternatives to pure networking events are also emerging: Jelly (for homeworkers), Quintessence dining experience, as well as the stalwarts of informal networking – golf and rugby. Perhaps it’s a response to the constant pressure of selling or being sold to that you find at most networking meetings. Certainly, after 3 weeks of being out and about at all sorts of business events (my Dad came over to babysit, so I made the most of it), I suffered from networking fatigue.

  2. They do it monthly if you are in the Windsor area! Thanks for the comment.

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