How You Landed Your Dream Job

Do you remember how hard you worked to get your first job?

Do you think you will ever work that hard again?

I’ve been preparing some tips for 6th form students on how to get into journalism.

As I go over my own story, I’m really impressed by how hard I worked back then! People told me it was an impossible profession to get into and I was determined to prove them wrong.

First I spent a summer at a local radio station, learning what I could for free.

Then I used my spare time at university to get interviews on BBC Radio Leeds.

At one point I think I developed a previously unknown curiosity about religion  in order to take part in some live broadcasts for BBC Sussex.

I entered a contest run by Cosmopolitan magazine and won a prize for an interview with striking miners wives in 1985.

All this eventually led to a place on a post-graduate course in radio journalism. All that, just to get into college!

When I landed a job with the BBC during that year I was delighted. The hard work had paid off (but in reality was just starting.)

When we switch jobs during our working lives, are we really expected to go through that all over again?

In many ways it must be easier, right? We have a history of achievement and the confidence, of a lifetime in dealing with people.

So many work skills are people skills, which transfer well, whatever you find yourself doing.

But if you’re starting a new job or making a career change, I definitely think it’s worth checking in with your past. Maybe you can get inspired, re- learn old tricks or just remind yourself about the need for hard work.

In short, take a lesson from a younger you.


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