World Cup TVs Are A Marketing Gamble

The World Cup is on its way and advertisers are anticipating huge audiences for their half-time messages.

But some companies are already on the pitch before the first ball  has been kicked.

Purchasing the right TV to deliver your World Cup fix is clearly crucial to many people and the electrical stores are already moving in.

Sainsbury’s is offering a Toshiba 40″ for free.  The catch is, you have to buy it before the World Cup starts and oh, England also have to win….could be a problem.

In slightly more generous mood, Currys’ are offering £10 cash back for every goal England scores when you buy a TV worth over £599

Now silly offers have happened before. Remember Hoover’s free flights to America?  The offer was far too good and people flocked to buy new vacuum cleaners. As a result they struggled badly to meet the demands for flights and the whole thing went down as a marketing fiasco.

The £10 cash back is coming from a slightly different place.

It is essentially gambling.

The company works out how many goals England might score, whether they are going to sail through early groups or get knocked out by Germany and then pits that calculation against the punters.

Of course the England fans are in a happy place right now, mentally. They are full of good-will and hope for their team.

From this perspective the offer looks good.

Psychologists would probably tell you that each person who goes for this offer over-estimates their team’s ability by about 75 percent.

Still, I’ll be interested to see what happened if Currys’ get their sums wrong.

As for the offer of a free TV if England win? I don’t think the national side will be troubling Jules Rimet this year.


One response to “World Cup TVs Are A Marketing Gamble

  1. Agree with you about Jules Rimet, but that’s because he died in 1956, and the trophy that bore his name was last awarded in 1970.

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