Is Do It Yourself The End Of Customer Service?

I’m getting really fed with being told to ‘do it myself.’

I don’t want to. I want someone to do it for me.

That is: I want someone to check out my groceries, talk to me intelligently on the radio, serve me a passable meal on an aeroplane and answer my queries on the phone (without having to press a key 37 times.)

It seems that to get anything like decent customer service these days, you have to up-grade. Should we really have to pay a premium for ‘butler standard’ service?

I’m not saying I want flunkies carrying my shopping out to the car or taking my luggage off me at the airport, although that would be nice. I just want the kind of service which ought to come with anything we decide to pay for.

And that goes for schools and hospitals too Mr Cameron. I have paid my taxes and I do not want to run these vital public services myself.

It’s a horribly contradictory world of course.

I actually like making my own playlists and I would never argue that we should go back to the kind of shopping that involved handing a list to the grocer while he ran around putting stuff into boxes.

But when you hear an advert for a SatNav offering to record a member of your own family telling you where to go, then it has got out of hand.

Where will it all stop? Will the news be brought to you by your toddler while you attempt to fix the plumbing from a drop down menu?

What have you been asked to do lately, that was a DIY step too far?


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