What Makes A Memorable Ad?

Advertisers will do anything to make their product memorable.

Some do their job too well. Whoever unleashed the ‘Go Compare’ opera singer on the world needs to be locked in a cupboard. ‘Compare the meerkats’ just about gets away with it because it’s kind of cute.

Kids love this stuff by the way. If  an ad appeals to children, then it’s definitely hitting the spot.

Children like a catch phrase they can repeat in the playground. At the moment it’s  ‘We buy any car’ with it’s incessantly chirpy rap jingle.

But they love the surreal too and animals are always a winner.

I’m thinking now about the epic Muller cow advert. Have you seen it?

The 60 second mini-feature stars Mary the cow, who has done such sterling service providing milk for yogurt that she is being rewarded with a dream come true.

Her dream, it turns out, is to gallop along the beach like a horse, to the sounds of REO Speedwagon. Who knew?

Mary is part of a £9million pound advertising campaign.

She has her own website and is already pulling them in on You Tube

It’s epic, it’s a bit mad and  it will surely have kids and students sharing video and possibly downloading the track, because of course the REO Speedwagon is a stroke of genius. It’s inspired by the revival of soft rock via Glee, just look at Don’t Stop Believing

The fact that cows probably hate water and would never dream of being seen imitating a horse is neither here nor there. The industrial yogurt factory and the mass milking parlour are far from our thoughts as we watch Mary gallop(just about) along the sand.

It’s a nice piece of work.

Go on Girl Gallop


2 responses to “What Makes A Memorable Ad?

  1. I watched a programme about branding recently, and it was talking about some of the most successful ad campaigns being the ones that people copied and re-interpreted – for example, the Cadbury’s drum-playing gorilla, which has been re-created in different guises (such as launching into the Eastenders theme tune instead of Phil Collins)

    Anyway, this ad seems to be designed for exactly that purpose. It seems far too contrived … although I realise cows imitating horses could never be realistic, but you know what I mean. I think they’re trying just a bit too hard to be “crazy”

  2. Yes, advertisers are really into trying to ‘create’ something that will go viral as opposed to just letting it happen. I know that during the election the BBC had a go at making a piece of video that would get them exposure in the youth/You Tube market. Not sure what happened to that one!
    My kids love the cow though.

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