Take Control Of Your Own Story

We are all in the business of telling stories.

I was thinking of this when two things happened.

First I read this by Copyblogger : “How to use stories to change the world” and then I read an article about the Prime Minister David Cameron in the Evening Standard by Matthew d’Ancona. He declared;

The PM is grasping the need for his own ‘story’: a tale of adversity inherited, national struggle and sacrifice to set things right.’

The first is an appeal for us to pay attention to the stories told by people who have lived through human rights crises in a heavily censored world.

The second is about the stories people in power sell to us; the spun version of reality designed to persuade us to understand and support them in difficult times.

One is about truth, the other is about perception, both are about stories.

Historians tell stories about the world and its past. Different versions of that truth are hotly contested and highly political. Can there ever be one true story?

They hate journalists because they think we try to tell the story too quickly, before the dust has settled, before the benefit of hindsight.

One thing is for sure. The world will judge us as it pleases unless we seize the chance to tell our own tales.

Do you want your enemies or your competitiors to determine the way you’re seen?

It’s time to take control of your own story.


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