Are You Hosting Your Own Twitter Party?

Do you have a product so exclusive that you don’t want anyone to know about it?

No? Then you need social media.

Talking, communicating and building a following are all important elements of making your brand a success.

If you are struggling with the idea, it might help to think about Twitter as a party. As host you get to choose all the important stuff, so if its high end with champagne and canapes you want, then set it up that way.


  • Your Twitter page is your own and you can arrange it as you please. Think of it as a room with furnishings. Choose colours and backgrounds that reflect your brand. Write your biography in a way that creates the right vibe; authoritative,exclusive, human, fun?
  • Next you can decide on the cultural atmosphere, the equivalent of coffee table magazines and books on the shelf. So that is the publications that you follow, along with the thought and industry leaders you admire. If we are to be judged by the company we keep then this is a chance to display our taste in whom we follow. It might just be which comedians we find funny or which sports stars we like.
  • Finally you invite your guests to come in and join you so the conversation can begin.

As with any party, you set the tone, invite the guests and create the atmosphere but what happens next may be unpredictable.

But don’t forget you can unfollow people at any point or even block them if they do serious damage to your brand. I have never had any problem with swearing in my Twitter stream, but obviously if that become an issue then you might want to let the worst offenders go.

Your Twitter stream is your party, but of course we are all both hosts and guests. It’s like a whole bunch of parties happening at the same time and in parallel universes.

You can reach across the void by using hash tags eg#marketing or #tennis to talk about a specific topic and when you put @ in front of someone’s name their friends will see that too. If you like the conversation over there, then join it.

Have you been to any good Twitter parties lately? (They were probably all talking about work again.)


2 responses to “Are You Hosting Your Own Twitter Party?

  1. Nice article with good tips. I do have to say that I haven’t found Twitter to be as good from a promotional POV as Facebook (or as Myspace was initially years ago). Twitter is a good addition but I find it VERY hard to get people in on “one” conversation, per se.

    However, good article; thanks for posting it.

  2. I agree that sometimes you have to make an “apppointment to discuss” when groups of people want to have a conversation on Twitter.
    I am glad you find Facebook a success, some people struggle to get people to join them there, particularly if they don’t already have a client list. Twitter can be useful to get people interested and then they can be pointed over to the Facebook page. Obviously you want to get the mix of people right in order to create the right atmosphere.
    Thanks for commenting.

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