How A Well-written Blog Can Improve Your Customer Service

Imagine being in a relationship where you never meet the other person.

You swap stories and photos, you talk on the phone, but you never get to see their emotions or read their body language.

Can you still connect?

Many businesses never meet their customers, doing everything online, yet they manage to form lifelong bonds persuading them to return again and again.

How do they do this?

For a start, they blog.

Blogging allows you to let the customer into your world where they discover what’s inspired you, where things are heading and how you came up with your signature ideas.

In short, it gives you a chance to deepen your relationship with your client.

A well written blog allows you to extend your customer service beyond the superficial. You don’t just give, you get back via comments and feedback.

If things go wrong your readers are far less likely to bad mouth you if they feel they know you and understand the reasons why the problem arose.

So, while you can’t always look your customer in the eye or shake her warmly by the hand, you can get on the blog and offer her something extra –  you.


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