5 Things I Learned From Taking Time Out

Sitting down at the computer after a few days in the Spanish sun, my head is not exactly in the zone. I hadn’t yet tired of long lunches, relaxed chat and endless reading, thanks.

But as I log in and begin to wade through the e-mails making a to-do list as I go, I am struck by a few simple truths. Some might help me to be more efficient and some just make me feel better about life.

Here they are :- 

  1. A really useful blog post stands out a mile when there are hundreds to skim read. This post from Nikki Pilkington via Chris Brogan really grabbed me. If advanced tips for twitter is what you want then that is what you will get here.
  2. Too much of my e-mail is advertising from companies I no longer have any interest in. Getting rid of them is now on my to-do list.
  3. Google Alerts, which keep an eye on your brand,throw up a lot of rubbish sometimes; old Twitter messages and mentions of people with the same name can be quite annoying.
  4. The blogs you receive via your e-mail don’t look very attractive stripped of their art work and photos but by the same token a stuffed RSS feed is a scary looking place – shut the door and back away slowly.
  5. Even Seth Godin has off days.

So, let normal service resume. Have you learned anything useful from taking time out?


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