I’m 100; don’t give up the day blog

So here it is, the 100th post on Lucy Thorpe’s blog!

I am thrilled that I have stayed the course and can now take up my colours as a pro blogger.

How shall I celebrate?

Well to be honest, I’m far too busy to do anything other than just keep on keeping on with the mountain of work that’s come my way recently.

The brilliant truth is that a blog really does work. Not everyone who wants to works with me reads my blog, but the blog acts as a hub for my business. The mere fact that is exists shows that I have ideas on a range of topics related to the field of press, public relations,marketing and journalism.

I may have down-played the voice over side of what I do, yet just today I was working on an exciting concept album with a musician whose wife I met on Twitter. I play the Richard Burton part in his War of the Worlds-style project! I might even post up a link when it’s finished.   

So if you’re thinking of starting out with social media or you are on the verge of abandoning it as a bad job – don’t. When I think of all the people I’m going to call upon to complete my next work project, 50 percent of them are existing friends and the rest are new friends I’ve met on Twitter.

In a few hours time I’ll declare it wine o’clock and put my feet up. I will be raising my glass to you because without your continued support I wouldn’t have made it.



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