A Blog By Any Other Name

My favourite blogger right now is the broadcaster Jane Garvey.

The trouble is, she doesn’t have a blog.

What she does do is contribute to the Woman’s Hour newsletter, a subscription only affair which is sent out weekly by the BBC Radio 4 programme of the same name.

Now Jane has never read Copyblogger or Men with Pens or any of the other blogs I subscribe to. The thing with Jane is, that she is a natural communicator.

Her blog, sorry, newsletter, takes us into a world beyond the broadcasting studio where the content can be a little formal, and introduces us to her life at home. It is a genuinely hilarious and fascinating take on life’s minutiae.

Nothing is too small to pass her notice and so she defuses any notion that she is a grande damme of broadcasting, sitting in a wing-backed chair reading Mrs Humphrey Ward.

Take this recent example;

In my constant pursuit of domestic perfection, I’ve just bought a product guaranteed to unblock all my household plugholes. It was emblazoned with the message “Plugholes need love too!” So if you haven’t got enough on your personal plate, pop upstairs, bend down, and spend a bit of quality time with your plug-hole. It’s so easy to take them for granted, isn’t it?

I am very familiar with Jane’s home life but this kind of thing has me in stitches every time. Maybe I just like to know that she is well and getting on with life, a bit like my mother when I used to be on the radio. But I do think there is more to it than that.

We can all recognise ourselves in the details of her life and therefore make a connection. Her absurd delight in unblocking a sink adds value that you would never get simply from listening to her programme.

That is exactly what a blog should do, add an extra dimension, inviting readers to enjoy exclusive content that they would not get anywhere else.

So I will persist in naming Jane Garvey my favourite blogger, even though she doesn’t have a blog.


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