Cool Writing:Swedish style

Sweden is so cool right now.

I don’t know if it’s the popularity of the Stieg Larsson books but Scandinavian style is having a moment. I’m thinking about fresh air, water, blond wood, minimalist style and coffee. There’s got to be coffee, it’s on every page of Larsson’s Millennium trilogy and it usually comes out of an expensive machine.

I’m not saying this is the whole thing. I mean, what about Abba and Billy bookshelves and Volvos and Ulrika Jonsson?

But in general the nation’s branding is “cool”.

My favourite beauty product at the moment is a foot cream called CCS and it is inevitably Swedish. It comes in a minimalist tube which is white with blue lettering. There are very few words on the packaging but one of them is “professional”.

I like this; economy matched by style. The perfect word in an uncluttered setting.

So what can you and I observe from all this to make our lives and work better? I could prescribe the wearing of  Swedish clogs forthwith and the purchase of a summer cabin but I will have to restrain myself.

Here are 6 words I will apply to my writing to make it more Swedish.

Stylish, uncluttered,functional and to the point.


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