Social Media Secrets:Be More Human and Less Like A Machine

Life is stressful.

Yesterday I got a parking fine. I had a valid ticket and now I am going to have to take time out to contest it. I am angry because it is unfair.

So many of our dealings with agencies, authorities and companies make us feel like this. It is not a great place to be.

I wrote here….about examples of bad customer service that caused me grief….a website that was difficult to use, a breakdown service that didn’t know where I was, a company that made me feel like a bad mother.

If you want your customers to love you and get the most out of what you have to offer you need to make them feel human. You can do this by acting less like a machine and more like one of them. And social media can help!

By taking the time to use social media to talk and engage you can get to the places which make us feel good.

A great social media Jedi (his words!) pr bod and all round good guy that I know, recently posted his daughter’s first steps on Twitter. It was touching because it got down to the heart of what we’re all about and what constitutes an important development in real life. I liked him all the better for it. I wouldn’t advise distributing family stuff indiscriminately but sometimes it helps to be human.

Another great guy I know just got a new job at the BBC. He was using Facebook to let everyone know and his joy was infectious. I am not suggesting that social media becomes some giant love-in for joy unconfined, but I am wondering if we can’t connect a bit more with those good feelings.

How you do it is up to you. Use humour by sharing things which are both funny and relevant in your blog. Share genuinely touching or funny bits of video(no schmaltz please kittens are banned as is X rated material) above all lose the collar and tie and make your writing and communicating style more relaxed.

Do you have a social media secret to share? Go on – let’s have it!


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