Great Writing That Sells (and a Terrible Gameshow)

Have you seen “101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow?”

It is a real shocker.

Contestants answer puerile questions like “Which one of these rude-sounding place names is made up?” They are then suspended a hundred foot above a paddling pool before the poor blighter with the wrong answer gets dumped. Sometimes they are in a supermarket trolley, other times strapped to a board; such are the ingenious variations that gives the show its name.

This is what we now do for entertainment, this is how low we have sunk. My kids love it.

I remember when we used to laugh at the Japanese for taking things too far in the name of entertainment, now we have celebrities eating bugs in the jungle and the humble talent show has become a god-vehicle for the strangely hued Simon Cowell.

Good to know then that amidst this maelstrom of dross, some people are striving for higher standards and a better way.

Surprisingly I’m talking about marketers and copywriters. There’s a  whole movement out there trying super hard to reach people in an intelligent and honest way and I’m proud to count myself among them. By reading blogs by Copyblogger  and Men with Pens I have become excited all over again about the possibilities of great writing that sells.

Journalists (that used to be me) are such a cynical self-absorbed bunch, they give very little thought to commercial writing. But of course this is the writing that makes a business fly. If your website doesn’t sound great or your promotional leaflet is all wrong then you aren’t going to get very far.

You need sharp writing that represents you and your business, while treating your customers like the intelligent people they are. The guys at Copyblogger and Men With Pens do just that and I am proud to do the same.

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