Lets Just Go Away

Have you TRIED to get a babysitter recently? They’ve all gone. Disappeared. To Portugal, Italy,France or wherever it is that babysitters go when you need them.

So I’m stuck here with the tantalising prospect of a nice dinner just out of my reach while the teenagers who are usually only too happy to help are sunning themselves on a beach somewhere.

Summer can be very frustrating.

 My children’s friends have headed-off in a complicated jigsaw formation to their summer breaks, scuba diving lessons or drama week on stilts, whatever, and I am left with a diary full of arrows and squiggles and a bewildered look.

Streets are eerily empty and husband predictably grumpy as he heads off to the ghostly capital to report on news that hasn’t happened because there isn’t any.

MPs are on holiday and so, as we know, are the babysitters so why don’t we simply declare August a write off and join them ?

The French have the right idea. They go off en-masse on the same day, Le Grand Depart, thus messing up the traffic utterly for only one day, until La rentree of course, when it gets messed up again.

And you never hear about the French going on a staycation do you? The term is utterly absurd when you can head down to the glorious beaches of the south of France without leaving your own country. Only for us the duff option of staying in the country where we actually live and calling it a holiday.

So lets all agree to have a month off somewhere hot and we can pick up the pieces of economic decline when we get back.



4 responses to “Lets Just Go Away

  1. Have you considered submitting this to the Daily Mail?

  2. I confess that I don’t understand the notion of “going away” with respect to holidays.

    We go to work every day to pay for a mortgage on a nice house, and to equip it with a big TV, a BluRay player, a computer, comfortable furniture and the rest.

    Then as soon as we get a couple of weeks off work to enjoy it all, we go and live in a hotel room instead, away from all our expensive comforts. Or a caravan. Or a tent, in extreme cases.


  3. A tent really would be extreme. Having said that a holiday apartment is just home with blunt knives.

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