5 Ways To Get The Copy You Want

It’s tempting to think that when you hire a professional to take on the tasks you hate, you can just offload and heave a sigh of relief.

In my experience, working on pr copy and publicity material for clients,  it doesn’t work like that.

It may be that you find writing about yourself really hard and you want a professional to give you a sparkling bio or you want some tired old copy about your business brought up to date and re-written. In either case the professional you employ will be a lot more effective and possibly cheaper too, if you make a few preparations before handing over the job.

Here are five points worth considering when handing over to a professional:-

  1. Most copywriting and pr is about selling your brand, so remind yourself what you stand for. Can you get this over to your writer or editor in a way they can work with? It really doesn’t have to be written out in elegant prose, that’s our job, but even a handful of words really helps.
  2. Do you have a mission statement? Does it still hold? You may find things have changed since you first set out your core values and this is a good chance to re-visit and up-date.
  3.  If your professional sends you a questionnaire it’s to help the process along, not trip you up  with bureaucracy. Questionnaires are often used to get down key pieces of information about a client and if you can fill them in promptly it really speeds things up when you get to the interview.
  4. It’s a good idea to meet the person working for you if you have the time. Long term relationships can only improve from meeting face to face and a chat over coffee will give you both the chance to discuss exactly what you want.  
  5. If you need something fast and you don’t have a chance to meet, make sure your professional has all the information they need. It may seem obvious to you where you are coming from but if you have not worked together before it’s worth spelling everything out. 

Working with a professional can save you time and give you the top class results you’ve been looking for. By working together in the early stages to really understand what you need you can develop a working relationship that lasts, so that next time it’s even easier than before.


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