Get It Right The First Time

Nobody wants to look stupid.

In fact most of us spend a good deal of time trying to avoid it, but sometimes you fire off an e-mail without checking the attachment is actually attached  or you add a comment to an online discussion only to see the howling spelling error after it’s too late.

Sometimes the problem is a bit bigger than that.

 Take the case of Taylors of Harrogate, the makers of Yorkshire Tea. Recently they decided to celebrate Yorkshire by making a special edition called Northern Echo. This just happens to be the name of a local newspaper which includes parts of Yorkshire in its circulation area.

 With an eye for a perfect piece of PR they sent a box of the tea to the paper’s editor Peter Barron.

Unfortunately they had spelled the word Northern without the second ‘r’. The box of tea was  emblazoned with the word ‘Northen’ and was now sitting on the desk of one of the nation’s senior journalists. Whoops!

Peter Barron was very charitable when he wrote about the incident in his blog 

But it’s always better to get it right the first time don’t you think? What howlers have you made and dare you admit to them?


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