Is Originality Ever Enough?

X Factor has started again.

Aggghhhhh! It is highly edited, manipulative, compulsive nonsense but I can’t help watching it with my kids.

Week one and there is already an extraordinary talking point. Did you see the woman with the Pocahontas hair-style who stood up and yowled a jaw-droppingly terrible ‘version’ of Mercy by Duffy?

This woman was compelling in her frightfulness. I couldn’t tell whether she was the genius off-spring of Yoko Ono or whether she had made it all up on the spot. It turns out to be the latter.

She reckons she created it on the hoof because she was desperate to do something for her small child. Well that’s great motivation, but what about planning, rehearsals, doing it in front of friends for some feedback and generally having some kind of credible plan?

To me, it was an opportunity wasted. If you are going to make the trip to the venue and queue for hours, surely it would make sense to have a viable product to sell when you get there.

Maybe this is something I can learn from. Don’t bother showing up to market without a well- designed product and a well-rehearsed pitch.

But listen to this. She got into the next round! Sheer originality and chutzpah carried her through.

What do you make of that?


2 responses to “Is Originality Ever Enough?

  1. It makes great telly! And we all get sucked in. I can’t believe that it is August and it will be on our screens until Christmas, that’s ages away isn’t it??!!

  2. and I’ve got tickets to take the kids to the touring show next year…(how sad.) My struggle now will be to stop blogging about it. Perhaps I should open a side blog just to rant about X Factor, there might be a market?

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